A simple and straightforward layout, an awesome format, no advertising, 500 hand numbered copies and a free and selected distribution. Unpublished is a democratic and exchange place where photography meets the public, without any filter.

Unpublished gathers the best unpublished images of young photographers from all over the world, selected not only for their aesthetic value, but through a careful analysis of the cultural context,the artistic and human paths.

A large project that ends each edition of Unpublished with a group exhibition in which it will be possible to buy at affordable prices the original and signed prints of the published works, donated and assessed by the authors themselves. No art dealers, no galleries and outside the market logic.

Unpublished is a "call for freedom", a pure and direct line that connects the artist and his work with the outside world.
And vice versa.

Unpublished is: Andrea Mineo (Founder & Creative Director), Enrico Rossini (Managing Partner), Serena Zacheo (Curator & Contributing Editor), Gabriele Naia (Contributing Editor), Francesca Colombo (Web Developer)

Published by Le Dictateur Press, www.ledictateurpress.com